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Why Counseling? Why Now?

Each of our lives presents unique challenges. Sometimes those challenges create feelings of frustration, anxiety, sadness and even overwhelm. It’s easy to forget that we all need some assistance in addressing these challenges, especially since they can often feel difficult, or at times even impossible, to deal with.

My experience tells me that addressing these life challenges often requires shifting the way we look at ourselves or our lives. It also may mean un-learning certain behaviors, and replacing them with new and more effective ways of addressing our needs. We all deserve to have support when we are struggling, and often it is specifically this support that allows change to occur.

This is when counseling can help.

As an uncritical witness to my clients’ lives, I can offer the necessary support, reflection and guidance for clients to access the parts within themselves that are needed for change. Having someone truly witness your life can mean the difference between just feeling bogged down and stuck, and actually experiencing growth and seeing change take place in your life.

How will you know whether we are the right fit for each other?

Feeling that you can trust your therapist is one of the most important aspects of effective counseling. I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation session to help assist you in deciding if my approach and style are the right fit for you.

Call me at (707) 479-5164 or e-mail me at to set up your free initial consultation.

Alicia Wolf, MFT

(707) 479-5164


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